Thursday, September 24, 2015

IU storms ICFP 2015 -- check out our talks

I feel that all our students and postdocs did a great job at ICFP this year.  Now, several weeks have passed since Vancouver, and all the videos are available online for your viewing enjoyment.

My group works on parallel functional programming, and here's what we presented at the conference this year:

And outside of the parallelism topic area IU had some other great talks:
Finally, one nice surprise at the conference was running into a student we'd never met before who did a poster on comparing Accelerate and Obsidian -- -- two GPU DSLs developed partially and wholly by our postdocs Joel and Trevor.  Congrats, guys, on getting users and attention!  Even better, the student was one of the winners of the poster competition and thus got to present a talk at the main ICFP conference.

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